I am a Guatemalan based IT consultant & social entrepreneur.

I am aware of my role in society. This motivates me to seek ways to support the welfare and development of my community through the use of technology.

I’m Edwin Xico,

I’m a Guatemalan based IT consultant, social entrepreneurship advocate, lifelong learner and social media lunatic. I’m passionate about online marketing and web application development.

My interest on social impact projects sparked after I worked at an NGO promoting economic and social empowerment of rural women organizations in Guatemala. In addition, I’ve helped organize diferent entrepreneurial events in my Country such as Startup Weekend Change Makers, 3 Day Startup, TEDx Guatemala, as well as workshops and bootcamps to support early stage business.

Currently I’m the co-founder and head geek at WOWProjects, a young entrepreneurial team based in Antigua Guatemala that helps social enterprises and non-profits showcase their impact to the world.
I’m also a board member of Antigua Tech, where we seek to develop Antigua Guatemala and it’s surroundings as a center to attract investment and generation of local businesses competitive in international markets.


I’m very conscious about my function in my community and in the society. This motivates me to look for a direction to succeed and to find ways how to support in a positive sense the well-being and the development of my community. That’s why I decided to continue a field that allows me to promote the development of the society based on technology and science. By this, I could awake in my family and my community, the desire of being part of the change with a better life.

I love animals, I adopted a puppy in 2013, my best buddy and wingman Lucho a brindle furry akita. Although I try very hard to be spotless I hope you understand that somehow my dog’s fur finds its way to some of my clothes.

In my free time I like to take my guitar and play some of the old songs that my father taught me, read a good book or go for a tour on my motorcycle.

…most importantly, I am always open to new challenges.

Main areas


I’m a WordPress expert and I’m specializing in web application development.

Digital Marketing

I help people and their brands to communicate and interact online


I like to write about digital marketing, WordPress and web development.

Creating Community

I am an active member and leader of tech communities in my country.



+(502) 4212-1120


Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala